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That Feeling In Your Tear Ducts

It seems that the days of floating through time without direction  with too many directions are temporarily behind me. Of course, I am my same old self – only now with a bright and shiny regiment! Between school and work there isn’t too much time to let my brain go scrambled eggs.

But tonight, with a little bit of free time and a computer, I found myself latching on to a consistent distraction in my life: the youtube history. All I have to do is type ‘youtube’ into my history bank and – BOOM – the last two years of my distracted life are on display. Sure, I call it distracting, but there is a type of elegance to traveling back through time to see what you were watching months and years back. Perhaps this is unique to me, but I often find myself very moved by videos. I think they have the propensity to pack massive amounts of culture and human feeling into nice little bite-size packages.

I look back through the history and there are so many different videos – some I don’t ever remember watching, others create a nice little ‘remember that?’ moment, and then there are big fish. Big fish are videos that cause an absolute bombardment of nostalgia that I can feel so vehemently in my tear ducts. These videos send me sprawling through time right back to where I was and what I was experiencing when that video first lit something within me.

It is wonderful. Nostalgia is a fantastic experience. When I’m alone in my room, these big hits of feeling are the only thing that get me to stop talking to myself. It is wonderful. 


I am also hopelessly addicted to athletic motivational videos. I can’t tell you how many times I have viewed these at two in the morning and been motivated to set the alarm for seven (I still sleep through it). The last two posts are two of my favorites.



The above photo was taken from the graphic novel Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. I highly recommend this novel and all other works by the aforementioned gentlemen.

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