Hello and Welcome!

You’re probably wondering what this blog is about. Well, at the risk of oversimplification, this is an attempt to connect with people living with ADHD and ADD. Ultimately, I would love for this site to become a hub for the ADD & ADHD community. With that in mind, I should say that my preliminary dream is for this blog to take on a democratic life of its own; But for now, with no community to speak of, I must shamelessly talk about myself.

I have never been formally diagnosed with either ADD or ADHD. For my entire life (I am now closing in on my 20s) I have exhibited what I perceive as many symptoms of both conditions: I constantly misplace items, I have trouble focusing on tasks for very long, I hate to be stagnant for certain periods of time, I have trouble completing tasks or personal goals, repetitive thoughts, trouble sleeping due to not being able to shut out stimuli, etc. In addition, there seems to be a family history of both conditions.

I have been told by many people that I likely have these conditions, and have taken a reliable online test on the matter that supported these claims.

While I somewhat noticed my tendencies throughout grade school there was no real arena where I was so challenged that I had to stand up to my symptoms. And so I coasted carelessly with my peers. It was not until high school that I was forced to begin the process of reining in my lack of focus and seemingly un-corkable fountain of energy. I attended a relatively rigorous private Jesuit high school and the demands of the academia forced me to begin to change my habits.

I struggled to balance studying and extracurricular activities as my life started to emit the aura of hectic rushing that now seems to permeate my day-to-day. To make a long story short, I slowly learned new techniques to accomplish goals despite my lack of a long attention span and other downsides. I joined the track and cross country teams so that I was running essentially year round – this did away with a great deal of my excessive energy. Essentially I learned to achieve tangible goals and built a high school career that I am very proud of.

Now, as I enter my second year of college, I have begun to realize that my symptoms seem to define many aspects of my personality and aspirations. I do, however, still feel that my core values and beliefs hold the most influence over my life. Nonetheless, my high motor, tendency to sprint from idea to idea, and other manifestations play a large role in my life.

And so, my personal spiel comes to an end. Again, I do not wish for this site to be about me and my experiences with ADD & ADHD primarily, but rather wish it to be some kind of a community dialogue for those like me. I also wish to document those parts of my life that I feel are very related to what I and others close to me perceive as my condition.

I plan to produce many posts that are relevant to our community: adding to the commentary on ADD & ADHD as written by those who live with the conditions is the main goal for this blog. Of course, this goal implies a community. If you have anything that you feel is relevant in any way to the topics of the blog please don’t hesitate to participate (or go off topic, for that matter). I would love for this to reach many people who can relate to my own and others experiences and therefore if you have any form of ADD &/or ADHD or love someone who does please participate.

I should add that I am in no way an expert on these conditions – I am quite fallible and if I mess up or you disagree with anything I put out there, please call me out on it.

Thanks everyone, and goodnight.